Summer Trends from Nordstrom Rack

Summer 2012 is gearing up to be one of the hottest on record - and it has nothing to do with soaring temperatures. You'll be grateful for every single trend on this list at the first sign of steamy weather, though. Designed to keep you feeling cool and looking especially chic, summer's hottest looks channel a hint of old-school glamour while retaining the sense of modernity required of your wardrobe. You'll find all of these trends and more at Nordstrom Rack.

Botanical Beauty

Get yourself into the thick of bountiful floral prints this summer, and do so without apology. There's no looking back once you've acquainted yourself with the indulgent florals on tap for the season. From the sweet and romantic innocence of a blushing rose to the fresh-picked beauty of a dewy daisy, classic floral patterns are ripe for the picking - but there are definitely more adventurous varieties in the garden, too. Look for ebullient prints that are heavy on graphics and drama, with influences that run the gamut from mod to tropical. Is it any wonder this look is so irresistible?

Highs and Lows

Possibly the freshest way to keep cool without baring much, the high-low hem is off to a promising start this season. Already a favorite, it's destined to be a summer superstar, showing up on everything from party dresses to maxi skirts. Designers like Olivia Moon and Vince Camuto have embraced the look with fervor, much to the delight of absolutely everyone. With its longer back and shorter front, it offers visual intrigue and appears at once playful and posh - all the better to be worn anywhere from a day at the races to a baby shower. This is truly a look anyone can pull off.

Paisley Perfection

They may appear to signal the return of retro chic, but paisley patterns are far more refined, classy and polished than ever before. Summer's most unexpected trend, paisley feels especially modern this time around thanks to bolder swirls, larger scale prints and brighter colors. The runways were packed with this brazen motif, spotted on everything from sexy mini dresses to breezy tunics. It's only natural to incorporate it into your summer wardrobe when the choices are so diverse - and whether you prefer a subtle touch of paisley via a lightweight scarf or opt for a head-turning strapless sheath, you can count on making a truly psychedelic statement.

Global Goddess

As ever, global prints seem to reign supreme at the first sign of warmth and sunshine. Taking their cues from jungle motifs and working in pops of ikat, animal, and even the occasional floral print, this worldly look is truly a mixed bag of visual glamour. And because it appears in so many forms - and in such a wide range of colors - it's especially easy to bring into any ensemble, be it work or play. Look for everything from form-fitting dresses to breezy skirts that go from work to play with ease.

Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Take yourself to the happiest place of all this summer and get involved with bright, uplifting yellow. It's perfect in every variation of the shade, from highlighter-bright to earthy mustard to delicious lemon chiffon. Embrace the citron spirit in any of its forms - and don't be afraid to have some fun. Try a flirty, flippy skirt with a vibrant, contrasting top or pair an airy, ladylike blouse with jeans or crisp pants for a great workday look.